Best known for playing in pubs around Yorkshire, Stockyard Crossing have developed and grown in popularity since 2014. Heavily influenced by the music of their youth, the band love covering classic rock, blues, and upbeat country tunes by some of the world's best-loved artists. They love to get the crowd singing along and dancing and have played venues as diverse as on the roadside supporting triathlon athletes as they ran past, to playing on the Fanpark stage for the Tour de France in Harrogate. Sue's dulcet tones complement the song choices, while Ron's lead and slide guitar prowess takes you to another level. Paul and Al give strong foundations with great riffs and powerful drumming. Sue and Al started out with FridayNightClub, Paul is ex Sister Madly, and most recently, Ron played with Soulfinger, although back in the day, his band supported Rory Gallagher on a European tour. 


This compilation video was hastily thrown together to give venues an idea of what we do. Apologies for the quality; the videos were taken on an iphone by the roadie. You'll probably see his thumb appear at some point - ha!